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Headache and Tired Eyes after a long day of Smart Working?

We have the solution!

With a daily 15-minute session of our intelligent eye patch, you can nourish your eyes and reduce the tension built around your eyes area.

Take a few minutes for yourself and feel refreshed every day!

Connect Sensiony EyeCare to your phone via Bluetooth to enjoy your eye massage while listening to your favorite music.

Eye strain after working long time with laptop

Benefits for your Eyes

Daily sessions of 15 minutes with this smart foldable eye massager help you:

  • Feel refreshed after a day of a Screen
  • Relieve the strain and fatigue from your eyes
  • Eliminate eye circles and eye bags
  • Regain focus
  • Alleviate stress headaches
  • Restore your eyesight damaged by prolonged screen vision.

Woman eye with flower

Portable Heated Air Compress Eye Massager

Sensiony EyeCare is a full-fledged eye-massager with a cushioning airbag-like structure that gently inflates, and deflates to significantly lessen pain and tension surrounding your eyes.

The cushioning is made of soft foam material, and contains an inner layer of graphene that regulates the temperature to deliver. Airbags are strategically placed to act on your eye sockets, temples, and acupressure points.

Sensiony EyeCare is a portable, and a compact device with an autonomy of 4 hours of working use with a single charge.

Sensiony EyeCare has the following functions:

  • Air Compression 
  • Vibration
  • Induced Heat Action (38-42° C or 100-108° F)
  • Play your favorite music via Bluetooth.



  • Simple one-button control and informative display
  • Foldable and Portable - Fold it and bring it with you whenever you need it.
  • Usable Everywhere - Its built-in battery allows up to 4h of continuous use.
  • Three eye care functions - Air compression, Heating action, Vibration.
  • Connect it to your Phone - Connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth to listen to your music.

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